Hi there! If you are inquiring about a tattoo or to set an appointment, please review my booking information on my website before contacting me! 

If you are inquiring about something else unrelated to booking a tattoo, please indicate below. Thank you! 

(please, no inquires about tattoo artist referrals, tattoo appointments, waitlists  or when my books will open. All updates are always made on my instagram account via stories!) 

To help reduce my email clutter in my inbox, please refrain from sending me an email about any of the above.* Your email will unfortunately be deleted if its related to a new tattoo session at this time.


At this time I am not booking any new sessions due to COVID-19 until further notice! 

As of August 1st 2020, I will be back to work and joining  Always Tattoo Studio

I will only be rebooking appointments for clients that missed their session due to the pandemic from March 15th to July 31st! 

Once everyone has been rebooked, I will be opening my books for flash tattoo requests

Custom books will remain closed until further notice* 

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