Questions and Answers 

What kind of tattoos do you do? 

I tattoo a lot of fine line/bold designs predominately floral themes. I also love to do concepts of human portraits, animals, taxidermy, etc. 

I am solely a rotary machine artist, and I prefer to focus on my flash art; pre-designed original artwork which can be claimed from my account @humblebeeflash

I also allow a few custom session each month, usually accepting ideas that are within my capabilities. 

Concepts I am Interested In: 

  • Illustrative floral and foliage 
  • Plants from the Caribbean and Africa*  
  • Important Black Figures (some I’ve done before; Erykah Badu, Billie Holliday, Nefertiti) 
  • Adinkra symbols, West African patterns 
  • Human Portraits, usually face only - not bodies* 
  • Animals, Insects, Taxidermy (skulls/bones/animal anatomy) 
  • Abstract, minimal linework 
  • Mandalas, symmetry 
  • Script (minimal words, calligraphy only)

Why wasn’t my custom tattoo accepted?

Although I would love to accept everyones idea, my schedule does not permit it.

Please understand if your project is not accepted, its not personal! I try to be dedicated and passionate about all the artwork I create and sometimes my style of tattooing may not be suited for some ideas.*

How far in advance should I book? 

I normally book 2/3 months in advance, but due to the Pandemic I will be booking on a monthly/6 week basis

If you are travelling, I can still accommodate based on your travel schedule. I still suggest contacting me 2/3 months ahead of time just to be sure of my availability. 

Due to the pandemic I am only accepting clients who reside within Ontario until further notice* 

What are your rates?

The cost per tattoo will range depending on the time (designing, preparation and tattooing) and factoring in; size, placement, detail complexity and any in-person design changes/requests. 

I try my best to charge accurately when I give you a quote in advance but if some of those factors change I will indicate the new quote in-person.

If you have a restricted budget, I often suggest claimIng a flash tattoo as those are flat rated prices.

* Custom work can vary and be more costly. 

My minimum for any tattoo session starts at $175-$200.00 

I tend to flat rate based on size for medium/smaller tattoos. (ie. A hand-sized tattoo for example is around $400) 

I average $175/hr for larger projects/sleeve requests. Every subsequent half hour after the previous hour will be $50 (ie: a 2.5 hour session will be $400/ 4.5 hour session will be $750) 

HST, Ontario Tax rates are applied to all costs.*

Should I provide tip? 

I have recently adjusted my rates and will no longer accept tips as of September 2020. For new appointments booked after August 31st, the price agreed upon will be the total cost you pay! 

Being a self-employed artist, I believe that this will be a fair way for me to ensure I am compensated for my time and work, which I often evaluate based on industry standard rates and experience. 

If you would still like to pay more than what is agreed upon, I will direct you to some black-owned start-ups and initiatives for food sovereignty and wellness you can donate to! 

Do you have any tattoo exclusions? 


DUE to COVID-19 no tattoos are permitted from the neck upward until further notice* 

I do not tattoo “side of the finger,” feet, genitalia, or inner ears. 

No typewriter, text, or block fonts. I tattoo cursive/script tattoos only - minimal number of words. 

No watercolour/realism tattoos! I specialize in more illustrative line work/etched shading

No copied artwork unless you have the artist’s permission!

I Do NOT duplicate tattoos that I have already created unless it is a flash piece that has been designed for multiple people to claim!

At this time, I am not taking on any of the following concepts: feathers with birds coming out of it, elephants, anchors, compasses, musical notes, infinity symbols, Nefertiti, Billie Holiday , crosses, rosaries, hand/finger prints or pet prints!

Some personal facts to get to know me better

I identify as a queer black woman, my pronouns are she/her/they. 

I was born in the east coast of Canada, and have been living in Toronto since 2010. I hope one day to migrate to the West-end of the GTA, and later in the future to St Thomas, Barbados (BIM). 

I am a mother of two beautiful children, and I have a black cat named Honey. 

Also a mother to all things green, I love my orchids and pothos plants!

my favourite tattoo(s) are the custom patterns on my feet from Pattern Recognition and my most painful tattoo(s) are my knee cap and calf muscle! 

I am obsessed with travelling, mostly for leisure and life experience. My favourite places in the world (so far) are Kyoto, Japan and of course BIM! I hope to visit Egypt, Morocco, Italy, Bali, Costa Rica, Panama, and more! 

I listen to Soca and Afro Beats every day, and take pride in playing mas in Crop Over or Caribana every summer! I hope to visit Trinidad for Carnival soon. 

I spend a lot of my time drawing - while watching documentaries and (guilty pleasure) reality television. 

I’m always asking people about their favourite places to eat, podcasts and latest book to read! 

How do I book an appointment? 

Form Submission Only! 

Please also visit my website booking page before sending an inquiry! 

Please refrain from dming me on instagram, facebook or personal texting! 

Again, Form Submission only! 

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