Booking and General Tattoo Information


Tattoo Submissions will always be announced via my newsletter and social media! 

I encourage you to sign up in order to receive faster updates on scheduling a session. 

You can also gather more information on my process via my Q&A page

I am currently booking flash tattoo requests for February and March 2021!

My Process

I tend to schedule 2/3 months ahead and I announce updates on my books opening, cancellations or rescheduled appointments via my instagram stories! Any Flash days or events will also be announced via instagram!


For custom tattoos I prefer to show designs the day of the tattoo or I often design it the day of the tattoo. I cannot make exceptions to this rule due to my busy schedule!

flash designs: No adjustments or design changes can be made request for any flash work.

I do cover ups but not very often* These will be accepted if I feel that I am capable of executing the request. I do not accept all cover up inquires*

Tattoo Exclusions:

I do not tattoo “side of the finger,” genitalia, inner ears, or feet. 

(feet can be an exception if the piece is on the larger size and a charged touch up fee is agreed upon, 

I decide this on a case by case basis.) 

No typewriter, text, or block fonts ( I tattoo cursive/script tattoos only - minimal number of words)

No watercolour/realism tattoos! I specialize in more illustrative line work/etched shading

No copied artwork unless you have the artist’s permission!

I Do NOT duplicate tattoos that I have already created! So please, do not ask !

At this time, I am not taking on any of the following concepts: feathers with birds coming out of it, elephants, anchors, compasses, musical notes, infinity symbols, Nefertiti, Billie Holiday , crosses, rosaries, hand/finger prints or pet prints!


In terms of cost I tend to flat rate depending on the size of your tattoo.

My minimum for any tattoo session starts at $175.00 - 200.00*

For example, a hand-sized tattoo is around $400.00. For sleeves, I average $175/hr but tend to flat rate per session. (keep in mind for sleeve requests, each session is around 3-4 hours and sleeves can take up to 4/5 sessions to complete depending on the design)

Flash tattoos are also flat rated! These tend to be discounted from my standard costs as the artwork was predesigned!


In order to set an appointment I require a non-refundable $100.00 +HST deposit fee! The deposit does come from the overall cost of the tattoo and will be deducted the day of the tattoo.*

I accept e transfer or PayPal to my email address:

Any security answer required is to be: tattoo

Again, please note that all deposits are non-refundable!

Any cancellations or appointment changes must be 48 hours before the scheduled date in order to keep your deposit!

If you are more than 30 minutes late for any appointment you will loose your deposit and the session is cancelled!


I also ask that for your appointment you’re hydrated and a full meal is eaten and are well rested prior to getting your tattoo! Also bringing water and snacks with you is advisable, even if its a small tattoo.

Do not shave or use numbing cream on the area you will be tattooed! These will affect how the ink will go into your skin.

If you are bringing a friend or family member for your session please ask beforehand as I work from a private studio, and sometimes my son will be present!

Also, kindly try to wear minimal colours in terms of clothing - black, grey, dark green/blue, denim etc. if possible!

Payment and Tipping

For the remainder of the payment the day of the session, I accept e-transfers only (unless you are coming from a different country)! The deposit comes from the overall cost of the tattoo unless otherwise discussed!

Payments must be made the same day and in person! 

I have recently adjusted my rates and being a self-employed artist, I believe that this will be a fair way for me to ensure I am compensated for my time and work, which I often evaluate based on industry standard rates and experience. 

If you would still like to tip I ask that you tip via cash! Half of my tips will go towards donation for local charit, individuals and/or organizations. 

Tattoo Aftercare

How do tattoos heal?

When your skin gets tattooed, your body springs into action to heal the wound. First, the body works to limit blood loss by reducing the amount of blood flowing to the wounded area. Proteins in blood, such as fibrin, work with the blood platelets already in place and plasma to form a protective covering called a scab. While your skin regenerates underneath the protective layer, the scab protects the wound from outside infection. The wound is gradually healed as new granular skin tissue begins to generate. Starting at the edges of the wound, the new tissue forms and works its way toward the centre until it has covered the entirety of the lesion. Once the wound underneath has sealed itself with another skin layer, the scab will slough off on its own.

What is the process when caring for a new tattoo?

There are so many different instructions given when healing a tattoo! I always recommend clients with several tattoos that have a preferred method and products to use, to trust your own judgement!

But for those who are new to tattoos or have not had good experience in the past with healing, I would recommend following these general guidelines:

  • Keep the bandage on for the length of time instructed the day of your appointment! I personally use Hypafix Derm or cling wrap on my clients! (the length of time can vary depending on the design, size and placement of the tattoo but I tend to advise to remove the bandage the following morning or after 24-48 hours!)
  • Once the bandage is removed, keep your tattoo dry and clean! Always remove the bandage with clean hands and cleanse the tattoo right away! I personally find cleaning any new tattoos I get twice a day: morning and night.
  • If you have hypafix derm or any form of skin barrier derm I always recommend removing it with water! I personally remove mine in the shower, much less painful/harsh on the healing tattoo and surrounding skin! 
  • Cleansing: I recommend using a natural BAR or liquid soap with limited ingredients. (Brands such as dr.bronner's, Soap Works and Aveeno are good for sensitive and hypoallergenic types of skin.) 
  • Moisturizing: I recommend starting to apply any balms, creams or lotions when your tattoo starts to get very itchy! (day 2-4) Please do so sparingly - use a thin layer no more than twice a day! I recommend more natural products such as raw shea butter, any water based lotions, or products specific to tattoo aftercare! Fragrance free, hypoallergenic products* Do not use vaseline or any petroleum-based products, sunscreen, or any oils that are not infused!

Brands or products I personally use: True African Black Soap, tea tree oil SoapWorks bar of soap, Raw Shea Butter (imported from Ghana) whipped with small amounts of aloe vera and various natural oils , Aveeno, and/or Nivea. 

Things to avoid after getting a tattoo: 

  • excessive sweating such as working out, saunas/hot tubs etc.
  • No submerging in water until your dermis is closed and healed! (1-4 weeks) Showering is okay!
  • Also try to keep your tattoo out of the sun! Although faded tattoos are inevitable (all of our skin regenerates and sheds as we age) Exposing a new tattoo to the sun can greatly affect the healing process! I recommend NATURAL forms of SPF! 
  • No scratching or picking off your scabs! This can potentially cause the ink to be pulled out of the skin along with any scabbing.

Touch Ups

For  touch-ups there will be a $30.00 minimum fee to cover equipment expenses and secure my time! 

You can request a touch up 4/6 months after your final tattoo session! You will be required to forward images of the healed tattoo and indicating what you want touched up* Once this is done, I will arrange to book you for a session the first Wednesday of the following month only*  

 Im also happy to touch up tattoos free of charge if a new appointment for custom or flash has been booked!

Only one touch-up session can be booked! Unfortunately, you if have to reschedule less than 48 hours before the session I will require an additional deposit to secure my time.

I Provide A Safe Space! POC and Queer Friendly! 

If you have any questions or concerns, that are not related to booking for a new tattoo, healing or touch ups always feel free to contact myself via email!

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